How to become a positive thinker

Positive thinking is a psychological and philosophical attitude that focuses on the good side of life and expects positive results.  The term positive has a variety of meaning in different fields of life ranging from medicine, science, arts and to general aspect of life. Positive is synonymous with actual, confident, real, good, concrete, optimistic not theoretical or uncertain.

A positive person anticipates success, happiness, health and confidence that he or she can overcome any obstacle, difficulty and achieve his or her goal.

Positive thought is not a concept that everyone believes. Some, consider it as nonsense, and jeer at people who follows it. However, there is a daily increase in number of people who have accepted positive thinking as a way of life.


There are numerous reasons to think positively. These reasons which I have listed below will motivate you to discovering your inner self, how to accept and love yourself, and also how to become successful in life. As stated earlier, there are countless reasons on why you should think positively but I will list out 5 perfect reasons to do so.

1. Happiness: positive thought brings happiness to one’s life. Happiness translates the Greek term of eudemonia which refers to ‘the good life or flourishing’ rather than simply an emotion in philosophy. Also in psychology, happiness is a mental and emotional state of wellbeing which can be defined by, among others, positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to extreme cheerfulness. Happy mental states may reflect judgments by a person about their overall well-being.

Reasons why you should be happy

Happy people are more creative.

Happy people are healthier.

Happy people have tendency to live longer.

You should be happy because you are alive.

Happy people have better relationships with people.

2. Success:Scientists have proven that positive thinking is the fastest and simplest way to success. Positive thought is the major factor that has helped people achieve their dreams even in most adverse conditions. Success is achieved when one is confident, determined, hopeful and patient. It is achieved from never giving up from numerous failed trials. Pessimist tend to lose hope easily whenever they encounter any problem while people who thinks positively are patient and determined to be successful. Remember, great thing are easy to achieve but with passion, determination and patient. Everything comes to you at the perfect time be patient.

3. For better social life: nobody likes to associate with people who complains, think and talk negatively all the time. People with positive aura are cheerful, and stress free, they can lighten a tense environment and also evoke confidence in people around them. They see good and possibilities in people. Positive people makes lots of friends than negative people. Nobody wants to be in a relationship with someone who is all round negative. A person with a positive outlook can become source of inspiration to others, their smiles are contagious and people are most comfortable with you.

4. Boost self-esteem: a positive person focuses on the good in him or her. He or she ignores all the flaws and focus on how to convert them to good. Lack of self-esteem for a positive personality, you underestimate your self-worth and never step out of your comfort zone. However, if you think the best of yourself and emphasize on your strengths and work on your imperfections, your personality will bloom. Know that people will love and appreciate you if you love yourself. Don’t be depress because you feel you are fat, or you feel too short. There are lots of beautiful fat people who are making it in this world, all you have got to do if necessary is to visit the gym regularly and dress beautifully to suit your body.  Remember, positivity gives your self-confidence a boost and people will admire, love and respect you.

5. Challenges becomes opportunities: positive thought about life increases self-awareness determination. When a person begins to reason positively, he or she start to see possible solution to tough problems. Positive attitude begets positive result. In life one must fail to succeed, with a positive mindset your mistake becomes your challenge and you must work rigorously to achieve this. Never give up on anything you are passionate about. You must always strive for the best. Know that impossibilities are possibilities if tackled with positive attitude.If you stay positive and believe in yourself, things will turn back to normal and you will.