Little adventures of everyday life

Sometimes life puts us into unexpected situations that could not have been prevented. While the situation itself is not our choice, our reaction to it is. No one has a chance to learn how to cope with each of the situation in particular for their unpredictability. What we can learn, though, is how to behave in unexpected situations and after that.

People tend to call it bad luck and let one moment ruin the whole day. Depending on their reaction and ability of seeing the perspective, some can even bear much worse consequences than those who have objectively suffered more. Clearer picture can be presented on an example of two colleagues, who take alternating shifts. If the first one sprains his ankle the other one has cover his shift. The first one is hurt and his plans have to be changed. He knows that this situation has an easy solution and his leg will be alright in few days. On top of that he decides to use his time in bed to read or maybe do some handcraft. He decides to let go of the bad feeling and concentrates on the activities he will have time for. The other colleague will have to cover one more shift that he will be paid for. He does not really have any plans and the extra money will come in handy. Despite all of this he starts lamenting and proclaiming that he is followed by bad luck and any further inconvenience for the rest of the day will seem like pouring oil into fire to him. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Which one the two are you?

There are few universal steps to follow to avoid being thrown off by every slight issue. You need to start by accepting the situation and understanding what exactly is going on. It is irreversible and although there has been some damage made and there are many reasons to be disconcerted try to stay calm. It is advisable for those who get upset easily to discuss some techniques preventing panic with their therapists. Stressing out is not going to help. Issues need to be eliminated not added. Once you see the whole situation and process it, the positive attitude will help you get over it. If you focus on the hopeful and lucky parts, you will not continue your day being constantly distracted by feeling down. Problems are best sorted step by step, not chaotically. Take a minute to plan what to do. You might need to call someone or turn the electricity off – try to see the whole picture and progress from the most serious matters to details. Remember that the less you have to lose, the more creative you can get. It will teach you a valuable lesson if you are willing to learn. With a right, sensible and brave attitude there is a slight chance that you might even start enjoying these tiny changes of your plans.