RIGHT TIME – An Illusion

When I hear someone say they’d like to start the journey at the right time, I wonder what they really mean. What is ‘right time’? It is more like someone is expecting Atlanta to show up magically and present itself to them. You make no effort to take a starting step and blame it all on ‘right time’. Assuming that the ‘right time’ will make everything ‘Perfect’ in your life is the silliest belief you can have. It is an illusion that is not letting you move on from where you are.

The concept of ‘right time’ has no factual explanation or established theory to back it. Because the time you are searching for requires you to work differently. It’s always around the corner, silently peeping to see what you are up to. It’s like the shy kid who won’t talk to you unless you initiate the conversation. Take the first step towards your goal and the time will reciprocate. Each positive step you take, time will take the same steps towards you. And one day, you will embrace the warmth of that special moment when everything you dreamt of will come true. But firstly, that requires you to get out of your comfort zone and work.

You are often indecisive and hesitant about taking the first step. No one can blame you for that. When you really love someone or something, making a crucial decision about them is difficult. You don’t want to complicate the situation or end it before it can even start. And to give our fear a strong base, we hide behind the notion of ‘Perfect Time’. Be it a relationship or a business startup, waiting for the right time is like delaying your progress. You make the time right. The time doesn’t make things right for you. You are the one with a brain and a functional body. The choices you make will shape time into something better or worse.

The fear of failure stops you from making the first move. But you need to realize that failing is an important step to success. You learn to fall, get up and pick your broken pieces while you go ahead. If something is destroyed, don’t fret. When death happens, something equally beautiful takes birth again. All your strength and willpower have to be focused on your goals. Channel your energies towards positivity and have a healthy company that motivates you. Find people who push you towards challenges that benefit you. They don’t have to know the specifics about your goals. But they should have a strong belief that you are capable of doing something big. You should take the leap confidently instead of letting your doubts take over.

If you consider all that I’ve said so far, can you see where ‘right time’ comes into the picture? Nowhere. It’s you who is doing everything for yourself. If you are in a relationship, Right time doesn’t determine the love that blossoms between two people. There is no ‘finding the right person at the right time’. Everyone has their own flaws and wounds. If you can’t accept that, you will declare a person ‘wrong’ even at the right time. You need to be honest, loyal, understanding and most importantly empathetic towards your partner. You shouldn’t force out love or affection. The flow must be natural and beautiful. That is established because of the bond that binds two people. You don’t need the right time to start that journey with someone. Time has nothing to do with it.

We are often so consumed in creating a perfect manifestation of the ideal partner in our heads that we expect ‘right time’ to bring them to us. It is a small difference that you need to understand.

‘Right time’ is like a layer of mist that clogs our vision. Clear it before it makes you blind. Waiting for the right time is like a horse waiting for the puddle of water to come to it. The water will not fulfill its thirst unless the horse makes efforts to reach it. That’s exactly what you should do. Keeping the formula of ‘Perfect time’ in your back pocket, proceed to accept the challenges of life. Of course, they will be tough at a point. But enough efforts and dedicated work towards your goals can reap wonders.  All you have to do is ‘try’. Make proper plans that act as your perfect boosts. You subconsciously develop a kind of confidence when you know what you are doing. Planning helps you to have a clear head and a perfect vision of the future.

Make a flow chart of how you’d like your business or your future to be. Take tiny steps towards that direction. Neither time nor people should stop you. Focus on yourself and dim the remaining world if necessary. Just like a diver would gather breath before jumping into water, sum up your energies to work without being tired. When you love what you are doing, you will appreciate the efforts you put into achieving your end product. But for all of this to happen, you need to break the wooden door and enter the world you’d like to be in. And trust me, you don’t need a perfect time to do it.